Sunday Assembly in America

Sunday Assembly in America was formerly an extension of Sunday Assembly International’s activities. At the 2019 #ReAssembly conference in Nashville, the organization reformed to become representative of assemblies in the US. It is in early stages of creating that membership and forging a new direction of united assembly activity and community.

As of January 2020, the board is:

  • Ross Llewallyn (Atlanta, GA)
  • TBA (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • TBA (East Bay, CA)
  • TBA (Gainesville, FL)
  • Amy Boyle (Los Angeles, CA)
  • David Lyle (Nashville, TN)
  • TBA (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • TBA (Portland, OR)
  • TBA (San Diego, CA)
  • TBA (Silicon Valley, CA)

With Laura Heywood as Treasurer and Meredith McConnell as president until the planning period is complete.

Sunday Assembly Charity Board of Trustees

The Sunday Assembly charity (based in London) was formerly considered Sunday Assembly International. Its focus is now on the London assemblies. It is included here for its legacy international presence.

As of January 2020, the board is:

  • Sarah Morgan (chair)
  • Annie Perez
  • Adam Newton (Nashville, TN)
  • Julian Herbert
  • Jessica Booth
  • Frances Tully