Storytelling - Gareth Dee (SA Brighton)

Storytelling is arguably both the world's oldest art form and profession. Unquestionably essential in understanding how we communicate with each other and explain who and why we are. Come join this interactive workshop in which we'll explore why we tell stories and how to tell ours better.

Nonprofit Fundraising - Nick (consultant for non- profit fundraising)

Fundraising is likely the most necessary and most disliked part of being in a nonprofit. Nick will present guidelines and lead a discussion on this important topic that is key to survival of individual assemblies.

Secular Sexuality: Consent and Boundaries - Marie D’Elephant (Everyone’s Agnostic)

Marie D'Elephant is a podcaster, relationship coach, and religious trauma activist. She was raised as an evangelical fundamentalist and worked as a missionary in Mexico for two years. She left religion in her mid-20s and has spent the last decade healing from her religious trauma, rebuilding her world without god, and helping others do the same. Part of rebuilding this worldview is acknowledging the inherent autonomy of every individual. In this workshop, we will explore autonomy, consent, and boundaries in non-sexual and sexual scenarios.

Music Is Key - Steven Phelps (SA Nashville)

In this workshop, Steven Phelps will lead discussions on the role and importance of music in SA, how to select songs to support the theme or create a mood, and let you in on the way Nashville’s music program works.

Raising Assemblers: Where does youth fit in at Assembly? - Ryan Trout (SA Los Angeles)

Join us as Ryan Trout, of Sunday Assembly Los Angeles, presents his plan for implementing Sunday Assembly School, as well as a bridge program with Secular Student Alliance for graduating seniors. In this workshop, we will ask the hard questions about youth retention and what more we can be doing as an organization to develop the future of our movement.

Outside the Assembly Box - Ross Llewallyn (SA Atlanta)

Sunday Assemblies can and should exist beyond just the titular event. Small group events throughout the month serve different parts of the community and their interests, offer new entrances into Sunday Assembly, and can be much easier to host compared to assemblies! In this workshop we will share our small group activities, their successes and challenges, and learn from one another how to start, maintain, and manage these events. How do you get the word out? Do your event hosts know how to present Sunday Assembly in the context of the event? Should you have a suggested donation? How does the location of an event affect attendance? All of these questions are vital to consider!

Emotional Resilience - Marla and Andy Dufek (SA Atlanta)

We all hit roadblocks, we all lose our mojo sometimes. Your ability to show up, engage, and create the outcome you intend sometimes gets shut down. In this workshop, we will explore ways you can skillfully recover and get back to creating meaningful impact.

Assembly Structure - Shawn Shih (SA East Bay) & Matt Lockwood (SA London)

Join Shawn (SAEB President and coffee maker, regularly attended SASV and SALA, and experienced 8 other Assemblies) and Matt (waste of perfectly good carbon from SA London, allergic to rabbits) in brainstorming ideas for changes to format and content of your monthly assemblies.

Leading as a Host - Mark McKergow (SA Edinburgh)

Mark McKergow is a leadership development consultant (when he's not chairing Sunday Assembly Edinburgh!). Over the past 15 years Mark has carried out pioneering research into 'leading as a host' (not a hero or servant), and how viewing your team and your congregation as your 'guests' can transform the way you work with them and with yourself. Mark will be sharing his 'six roles of a host leader', practical strategies that you can use to build connection and engagement with both your SA team and your community. You can see Mark's TEDx talk on this topic (including Sunday Assembly!) at the link when you click his picture. Mark's book Host was published in 2014.