Sunday Assembly Conference

Sunday Assembly Amsterdam  and Sunday Assembly Utrecht are happy to announce that we will host the next annual Sunday Assembly Conference, the weekend of May 29th through 31st.

Location: De Balie, located at Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam, Netherlands. Link for directions.

The Super Assembly features everything you love about the assembly on a global scale! It is a rockin event – a veritable smorgasbord of inspirational speakers, deep thinkers and great doers! Emerge yourself in the entire weekend or visit our super assembly on the Sunday Morning! The Super Assembly Conference will be at De Balie; a venue full of history located in the very heart of Amsterdam! Yup. We’re back in the Netherlands for the annual conference! In 2020 the Utrecht & Amsterdam team welcome you for the Super Assembly Conference!


  • 28 may: Meet & Greet Assembly Party – 18:30 – late

    Let’s meet up and have drinks at the De Balie as we dance to the funky tunes of our resident professional DJ’s Ian Joliet (SA London) and the infamous DJ GNOE (SA Utrecht).

  • 29 may: 10:00 – late

    An entire day of workshops, key notes and open spaces. In the evening we party with the The Ameezingband and musicians from all over the world!

  • 30 may: 10:00 – late

    More workshops, key-notes and open spaces culminating in a “Bonte Avond”; a Dutch tradition for children camping away from home which roughly translates as ‘silly evening’. We’re going to take that as the ‘Sunday Assembly Cabaret’. Bring your best performances and skits to the warmth of the SA crowd!

  • 31 may 10:30 – 13:00 An international Super assembly!

    Sunday Morning we will host a proper international “super-assembly” based on the format we all know and love.

Get your tickets at! We can’t wait to see you!