New starters – we can now list you on our map! Get in touch

If you are seeking to start a Sunday Assembly congregation in your town/city, here are some initial steps so that we can support you:

  1. Look around to see if there is already anyone interested. Might be a Facebook group, Twitter, or just stuff on the web.
  2. If there is, get in touch with them!
  3. If there isn’t (or it seems dormant), set up some point of contact. A Facebook page might be an easy start, or some other online spot where people can find you and get in touch.
  4. Then contact volunteer co-ordinator Mark McKergow via this website. He can add you to our map (so that other folks can find you) and provide some initial logos to get you going.

This just happened with Stefan from Vancouver, Canada. He’s now on our map as a starter assembly ( You can do it too!

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